Chris Duff:-
Our Murison lineage comes directly from John Murison (1694- ? ), said to have married twice and begat William (1716- ? ), Andrew, James (1727-1803), Francis, Peter, George, plus daughters. James begat Margaret, James (1776-1803),and Jean. James begat Andrew, Jean, John, Margaret, Cathrine, Francis (1810-1880), Mary, James and Alexander. Francis begat John, James, Cathrine, Alexander, Francis (1837-1907), Mary, Isabella and Ann. Francis begat Helen, Margaret, Francis, James, John (1871-1944), Elsebeth and William. John begat Frances, Duncan, Margaret (my mother) and Ian, all of whom have now passed away.
John Murison (1694 - ?) moved to Banffshire and is known to have had the lease of the croft of Crossford, near Troup, in the parish of Camrie. James (1727-1803) to Francis (1810-1880) lived and died in the parish of Camrie, Banffshire. Our branch then went on to Edinburgh, where some still are.
I hope this helps some of you Murisons out there!